What is Dwarf Knights?

Dwarf Knights is a fantastic, open-world MMORPG game. Game is a part of a universe that has a gamer-focused economy and is backed up by Avalanche and its subnets. Gamers try to complete tasks&missions for exchange by some rewards in the Dwarf Kingdom. These prizes can sometimes be an item or some in-game elements. dwarf



dwarf There was once a time in Dwarf Kingdom when dwarves and dragons lived together in peace. One of the kingdom's fiercest dwarves, Gulgron became curious about a myth that had been floating around the country; a myth touching on the possibility of dragon eggs having some sort of magical powers. Powers that could forge an axe sharper than dragon's teeth, a hammer heavier than a dragon skull, and even armor stronger than dragon scales.
Gulgon the dwarf became consumed by this myth and was determined to find if this was truth or mere fiction. This new found obsession had revealed his deepest desire, to become the most powerful and fearsome warrior in the kingdom.
He will finally get his chance to use his collection of enchanted weaponry. All he has to do is to get his hands on a dragon’s egg, and he can finally discover their power, but this won’t be any simple quest. Even though the dragons have lived amongst the dwarves for centuries, their real home lay through a portal to another realm, in which they must return to lay their eggs. Only there, in their natural habitat are dragons born. A magnificent dragon named Zagoth had been flying over the kingdom in recent weeks and saw she was looking rather well-fed. Her stomach had been growing each time she would take flight. Gulgron noticed this, and rightly assumed she was pregnant, and would soon need to open the portal back to her home to lay her eggs. Gulgron began stalking Zagoth up into the mountains where she and other dragons dwell. The time came for Zagoth to lay her eggs, and she opened the portal to her homeworld up on the mountain top. The dwarf saw his chance to travel through the portal and emerge in a world full of dragon eggs; and he jumped on the back of Zagoth as she passed through the portal.
Gulgron waited for Zagoth to get extremely tired. As she laid down her eggs, he grabbed his most prized and robust sword, Requiem of the Lost, he thrust it deep into Lagoth’s heart, and watched her writhe as she expels her last breath. Three dragon eggs lay before Gulgron. Blinded by greed, he smashes two of them with his fists; collects the shells and puts them into a pouch. The third egg is tucked away in his armor to take back to Dwarf Kingdom.
The dwarf escaped the cave in a hurry and saw the portal, in which he came still open and jumped through back to the Dwarf Kingdom. The world in which he has come back is not one he recognizes. His world is in carnage. Malicious creatures were coming to the dwarf kingdom from the portal that remained open and tormenting the peace and leading the 9 kingdoms into the chaos.
Now it's the time for every dwarf in the kingdom to fight together as one to restore their land. The battle is just beginning…